FirePAL Dave – David Miller

Hello, my name is David Miller.  I am a Lieutenant/Paramedic with St. Cloud Fire Rescue, a Fire Instructor for Minimum Standards and Special Operations, the Founder/President of Fire PALS, but most importantly I am a husband to my lovely wife Mikayla.  I have had the honor and privilege in being afforded many great opportunities in my life, and am very excited for what’s to come.  How Fire PALs came about is a pretty funny story in regards to the name.  My Lt. at the time had a great idea to have a mentor with each new firefighter.  Around this particular time we had several “probies” on my shift.  The idea was to have a senior firefighter be their accountability and help them where they can.  My Engineer stated, “like a Fire Pal”.  Like most fireman, we took this saying and made light of it of course.  It was a great idea that I feel worked very well.  Today the name Fire PALS stands for Prevention and Life Safety.  The idea of Community Book Boxes is not a new one, but our take on making it mission based for our community is where it becomes unique.  The concept of what we are doing came about when my wife and I were on our way to dinner.  I saw a Library Box on the side of the roadway and mentioned how great it would be if that box looked like a fire station and had fire safety materials inside it.  Fast forward to today, we have several boxes installed with many more to come.  I am so very proud of the project in its current state and where it plans on going.  I have met so many great community leaders so far, and we are so very humbled to be working with them all.  

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