Mixing History with Fun – Paula Stark

The children’s series that Paula has created, released in alphabetical order, introduce her young audience to significant people from our historical past who helped shape our nation and the world.  Abraham the Alligator helps children understand the important place in history of Abraham Lincoln. The life and times of the great American president are brought to life in an easy to understand, fun book that children will remember and ask for again and again.  Babe the Bear chronicles the early childhood of Babe Ruth and his ultimate claim to baseball fame.  Cleo the Cat tells the tale of Cleopatra and her ability to overcome obstacles that were true of her time to become one of the most famous women in history.  Davy the Dog brings Davy Crockett to life and covers his life up to the Alamo.  Parents and teachers will appreciate the important history lessons included in every book. 

Look for Abraham the Alligator in Fire PALS locations for your enjoyment donated by Paula Stark.

Contact Paula Stark directly for interview or more information: paula@starkproductioninc.com


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