The Process

The process of bringing a Fire Pals community book box takes multiple steps.  The first step includes seeking out a sponsor for each box.  Once we have created this partnership, direction and ideas for the box are discussed.  We then connect the artist to the box with the ideas given.  Once the box has been completed, we choose a location for install with help from Parks and Rec.  With spot picked out, we then install the box and set up a reveal per clients recommendation.  After the box goes live, we have individuals who adopt the boxes, ensuring they remain in good working order and filled with provided content.

Want to sponsor, adopt a box, or donate to our cause?  If so, please contact us in the below green chat box and we will get back to you as soon as we are able to.


The box is first either purchased or built from scratch by local builders.  If it is built, the materials needed come from The Home Depot St. Cloud and Handyman Hardware.  Each built box is created from scratch.


The box is then delivered to the artist.  Each box will showcase a firefighter theme blended with the sponsors ideas.  The artist is then given creative control with no time constraints.


Next a location is determined.  St. Cloud Parks and Recreation is then notified, and a location is sent to them.  They install the post in the designated location.


The final step, we install the box at the location.  There are planned media events and reveals by the Sponsor where we unveil their box to the community.  The sponsor then makes sure the boxes stay filled with supplies picked up from Station 31.