The 1st Box

This all started with an idea.  I said to my wife on our way to dinner, “What if there were book boxes painted to look like fire stations?”.  This was a topic of conversation throughout dinner, and we decided to run with it.  Jody Lazar, a Librarian for Winter Park Library, heard about the idea and donated me my 1st box.  I decided to take it to Eric Frost of 3 Lil Birds Tattoo, who took the idea and created the box you see below.  We installed the box at St. Cloud Fire Station 31 with the idea to fill it with fire safety materials and free books.  The groundwork was set to begin what I feel has become a stellar community project.  

6 thoughts on “The 1st Box”

  1. What an awesome idea! Kids will love the box, get a new books, as well as learn about fire safety. Win, win, win.

  2. Ryan Alan Berka

    It’s your superhero origin story. Maybe one of the boxes could have some graphic novels.

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